What is Brand Positioning?

  • Market differentiation-Demonstrating the uniqueness of your products in any industry will create a huge advantage. Customers will notice when you use brand positioning to celebrate how your product solves a specific problem.
  • Easy purchase decision-By clearly defining your product and how it benefits your customers, you can eliminate guesswork during the purchase process. When you provide customers with answers to the questions they are looking for, they will trust and buy faster.
  • Value confirmation-A strong brand does not have to rely on price wars with competitors. The positioning of a big brand establishes the high value of your product, making customers want to buy it anyway even if it is not the cheapest on the market.
  • Enlarge the message-a clear brand positioning statement provides you with a springboard for engaging and creative storytelling. By having a specific vision, you can enhance every additional marketing component to further consolidate your position in the competition.
  • Do your research: Compare all of your competitors to determine where your brand is, how you perform, and how you beat it.
  • Authentic-Your brand positioning is what you want people to think of when they see your company, so make sure it is authentic. Write a story that captures your mission as a company and incorporates your own values ​​so that you can always resonate and be trustworthy when you talk to her.
  • Adjust accordingly: Having a fixed marker position doesn’t mean you can’t change it. Don’t be afraid to adjust your information accordingly when you find flaws in the statement or unsatisfactory customer feedback.
  • Listen to customers-don’t establish brand positioning out of thin air. In order to resonate with your customers, make sure you listen to them. Set up focus groups, send surveys, or just talk to customers at events, and use all this knowledge to enhance your message.
  • Refocus your statement: Is your brand positioning too much? Have you overlooked one or two things that really make you different? If your statement loses its focus, please return to the basics by reviewing your preliminary research or conducting a new survey to see if your statement is still valid.
  • Build buzz-If you are a small business just starting out, you may not have enough followers to test your brand positioning. If you need to pay more attention to your information, please put some paid ads on your brand statement to test the control statement which may be a general statement about your business to understand people’s reactions.



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