Types of Refractory Materials and Their Applications

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Types of Refractory Materials and Their Applications: rrmsb
  • fire bridges
  • roofs of Acid and Basic
  • Electric furnaces
  • copper smelting
  • refining furnaces
  • Linings of blast furnaces for the melting of iron, copper, lead ores etc.
  • The linings of flues and shocks.
  • Heat treatment furnaces.
  • Glass furnaces.
  • Checker-work of regenerative furnaces.
  • Reverberatory furnaces.
  • Pottery kilns.
  • Hearths of basic open-hearth and copper reverberatory furnaces.
  • Electric arc and induction furnaces.
  • Lining of L.D. crucible (in the manufacture of steel).
  • Used in steel industry for lining open hearths and also in the bottom of soaking pits.
  • Used for making blocks, bricks, crucibles, refractory fittings for utensils and pipes for surface combustion.



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