The Very Last Summer Evening

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On a scorching summer evening, the unexpected cool breeze made me shudder from top to bottom. Glancing around, I noticed Lisa knitting quietly and muttering a hymn. My thoughts wandered back to our college years.

Lisa and I met for the first time in the campus cafeteria. She was a language student while I was finishing my master’s degree in public health. We hit it off right away, and our friendship grew stronger over time.

I had lost communication with her over two years ago, and it had been six years. I was walking to Starbucks near my office one day when I noticed a tiny child running towards me. I grinned since I’ve always been fond of children. When I turned around just to look for his mom and dad, loh! Lisa has been identified! She was a happily married woman, and I was overjoyed for her.

We decided to part ways after swapping mobile numbers and vowing to see each other again. We met this time. She asked me to meet her spouse and mother-in-law at her home. That was one of those summer evenings I’ll never forget. The ancient antique style residence, complete with a furnace and a lovely yard. Vintage-styled homes had always appealed to me. But, as a busy person with a demanding job, I lived in a small apartment in the middle of the city.

The evening went smoothly, and her mother-in-law remained completely silent throughout. I was perplexed as to why she was analyzing me. Her husband and kids were delightful to converse with. However, there was a period when I was left alone with the woman. But I was anticipating having to speak with her. Lisa was occupied putting the finishing touches on the table, while her spouse was out in the yard with their boy.

The woman stated, “You are a horrible sign for my family.” I gazed at her, taken aback by her truthfulness. Certainly, I have been a source of ill luck for several people. Another reason I decided to pursue a career in medicine. When I was younger, the kids my age would always reject me. They claimed I was being pursued by a heart wrenching elderly man. They hardly engaged in any sort of game with me. My mom was unwell one night. My dad and I did our best to calm her. At last, Papa decided to contact a priest. As soon as he walked into the room, he yelled at me, yanked me out, and slammed the door in my face. I began to cry, even though I was barely ten years old at the time!

That July evening, I sensed a weird chill, and my mom died in the middle of the night. If this had taken place only once, I would already have dismissed it as a coincidence. I was denied entry to the church by the preacher, and there was a rumour that I was the devil’s manifestation. I quickly lost trust in God. My dad died in the very same conditions the following spring. Even though I had spent my entire life in hostels, a faraway aunt adopted me.

When I came back just several years after college, she, too, had died on a summer night. That’s when I discovered I was a terrible luck charm. To get rid of it, I conducted volunteer work and attempted to help people as much as I could, but I realized one thing: I was rotten luck who brought death to those around me.

I returned my gaze to Lisa’s mother-in-law. “I know I’m a terrible luck charm,” I admitted.

“Get the hell out of my residence,” she said in hushed tones.

I didn’t require any further responses. Death was the last thing I wanted. However, on the way home, I sensed a familiar chill that made me shudder. I got a phone call from Lisa as soon as I arrived at the house. The call I was very much looking forward to. As soon as I departed, her mother fell. I felt this would be the end, so I rushed back to their house out of desperation, only to discover the lady in the final stages of her illness. As quickly as I walked into the room, she said, “Walk away, walk away!” “Keep your distance from my family.”

My neck was drenched in a cold sweat. Lisa’s spouse was on his way home from his night shift. She was knitting while her kid slept. I wondered who the individual was now. I was startled when I witnessed her son yell! We dashed into his room, where we discovered him discussing his slumber. Lisa took his temperature, which was dangerously high. We dialled the doctor’s number, as well as her husband’s. But I knew there was no one, no one who could stop this. Alternatively, somebody would be able to help.

I stood calmly on Lisa’s lawn, staring at the moon. Even though it was summer, I was cold. I was aware that the demon, as it was dubbed, was present with me. “Not this time,” I replied as I bent down. I’ve seen numerous lives that you’ve taken away from my life. But not this one, not with this child! Rather, take my own life. Yeah, of course, I’d want to surrender my life in exchange for my soul! However, you must leave the child alone. “I beg you.” Tears streamed down my face. I passed out all of a sudden.

I’m not sure when it happened, but I heard Lisa quietly weeping next to me. It was mid-afternoon, and my throat was in excruciating pain. I said something about water and questioned her kid. She stated that he was in perfect health. It was a miracle, she asserted. I grinned. I urged her to give me a paper and pen because I knew I had to make the most of the time I had. The weird chilly feeling blanketed me that evening as my entire family encircled me. This time I didn’t back down. Rather, I chuckled. I saw the image that has tormented many people and brought them a terrible fortune. That night, I hugged my long-time friend.

In the note I did leave, I requested that Lisa destroy all of my stuff so that I would never make it back to this realm. However, being herself, she did nothing. So, if you get a weird chill on a summer evening, realize that it could be “The Very Last Summer Evening,” and I’ll be waiting for you.

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