The Myth

The Myth by Team

“So, you’re steering back home demoralized after a long period of time?” questioned the driver, glancing back at the exhausted female behind him. “Here we go, that would be 70.” He remarked this when he came to a halt in front of a house with a single blazing light bulb.

She exits after a few minutes, totally messed up, with headsets covering her head and ears that were pinching her as she adjusted and consistently pulled the denim jacket to get it in the proper place, despite the fact that it was a good fit, gives him 200, and simply walks toward the door. The driver beeped, but she wouldn’t even look up. “You…alright?” he yells. When she doesn’t respond, the cab driver tends to start the engine but stops when he hears “help, help, help” from behind him. He waits and looks out the window to see if anyone is there, but all he identifies is darkness, so he puts his feet on the accelerator.

She comes to her consciousness right outside the door, hearing people chuckling and conversing, and she examines herself, straightens her hair, takes a deep breath, and banged on the door of H.№115/19D, hearing somebody chuckling and approaching the door. A lady in her mid-50s answers the door and embraces her as soon as they both see each other. The lady is delighted to see her there shouts, “We all missed you a lot girl.”

“I missed you too, mother,” the girl said in a laid-back tone.

Her mother greeted her and said, “Look she’s home,” pointing to her dad on the sofa, who didn’t seem to notice the news and simply gave her a frigid smile before going about his business. The daughter beamed and smiled, her excitement matching that of her dad, when she was abruptly embraced from behind by her younger brother, who was overjoyed to see his older sister return home. He was giggling and screaming at the top of his lungs until his father gave him the look that immediately calmed him down.

To get away from his dad, she walked into her brother’s room with him. ”Hello, who is this?” says the narrator. Her sister questioned, gesturing to a photograph of a man on a mountain,

”Ummmm…I’m not sure, maybe some divinity or monarch was demonstrating his power by raising the rock, but you know how these folks are. And then they both started giggling, which was cut short by her mother’s shout for ‘Dinner Time.’

Mother dragged her towards the table, saying, “Come sweetie, you must be starving.” The three of them seated for dinner; soon, brother arrived and seated a little further away from the father. Her sister assisted him, and they began preparing the meal. The reporter on the TV behind me was talking about a family who had been killed with an axe on November 9th. ”The brutality may be described as inhumane,” these phrases kept repeating themselves.

“Didn’t that happen near by?” Glancing curiously at his dad, the girl questioned.

“Yes, some lunatic gone all out, happens every single day.” Without glancing at her, he responds.

“Father, do you have any information about it?” Daughter questioned.

He stood up and slammed on the table, scattering the food. “You have to do this every single time, you destroyed everything… all because of you.”

He screamed, gesturing his finger at the daughter.

She stood up and pushed the chair down as she walked away, seeing her dad enraged. She walked to her room and began looking for her cigarettes, but they were nowhere to be found.

“You should never have shouted at her like that, she didn’t even eat,” she said.

Mother weeping in front of her dad.

“Huh! “Must have gone to smoking, the lunatic was just interested in her cigarette, it’s amazing, you people don’t recall.” He took a seat in his chair again.

She went down to her dad’s room to retrieve the smokes from his hidden stockpile, which he kept in a little drawer in the room’s corner. When she started opening the drawer, she discovered not only the pack, but also something else: blood dripping all over the place. She had suspected it before, and now it was confirmed. The axe was covered in a blood-soaked newspaper. It has blood clinging to it, which has solidified.

She couldn’t catch her breath and collapsed to the ground; she grinned as she spotted her younger brother peering through the door, murmuring, “He’ll be upset at you again.” He started mumbling something to her that she couldn’t hear, so she moved closer to him, where he reached out and bit her ear while laughing hysterically with his bleeding jaws. She threw the axe, dragged him back, and went out, where she saw her mother shouting at the top of her lungs and her dad gazing at her, and she rushed to grasp her. She approached the door but it was jammed, so she dashed up the stairs, seized her suitcase, and began to open the window, but it became stuck halfway open, and she was unable to exit. She struggled to get free, but it was in vain as she saw her father and family there in the room with her clutching the bloodstained axe.

Her dad, like her mom, had a large wound on his neck, which began to flow again. She could not even believe what was happening as her dad ran up to her and threw a huge swing at her, but instead of hitting her, he cracked the glass windows and gripped her, whispering in her ear, “See you later, Sweetie,” and tossed her outside.

She remained still in the bushes for a few minutes before crawling out to the pathway and yelling, “Help Help Help!” She looked back at her hands, which held an axe in one and a packet of bloody smokes in the other, as well as a dark blood spot on her t-shirt.

She draws a few breaths and then removes her denim jacket, tosses the axe, and places the cigarette pack in the sack that was previously stuffed with them. A taxi pulls up alongside her and asks, “You would like to go home?”

She sits in the taxi with her headphones on. After several minutes, he comes to a halt in front of a dimly illuminated residence, saying, “That is it.” She pays him and he speeds away after a brief pause and a smirk. She walks down 115/19D, people chatting and laughing, stretching her jacket and adjusting her headphones before knocking. As she sensed footsteps approaching the doorway, she shut her eyes. The door swung open as he takes a deep inhale.




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Brandsandu Is A Complete 360 ° Branding & Digital Marketing Company In Delhi Ncr Providing A Complete Solution From Branding To Social Media

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