The House

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By Brandsandu

This is the story of a family that relocated to Las Vegas with their two girls. After an accident in Miami, one of them became mentally disabled. Liza was the problematic girl, and Mira was her sibling. Both were raised in the state of Miami, but what had happened? The youngest daughter got unstable in Miami, so they went to Las Vegas. Was there something that improved their situation or something else that made it worse?

Everything had been nice and in order. Days went, weeks went, months went, and years have passed, and all was Well until she reappeared. The family was visited by a tormented soul in need of a host. What was going to happen next was a complete mystery to the family. Lira was getting a little better by the day, but then she got very sick and drab. No one could figure out what was wrong with her. For weeks, she remained the same.

However, when Iira was getting ready for school one morning, Liza was still under the cover. Liza had never done anything like this before because she was always the first one to get dressed and eat breakfast, but that day was strange. The minutes slipped away, but she did not move to get dressed. When Iira got too close to Liza, she saw something odd about her. Her face had some scars on it. But then once Iira was dressed, Liza was downstairs as well, but not in school uniforms, and she stated, “I’m not going to school, I’m unwell, and I’m planning to wear these kinds of clothes and I’m not planning to consume breakfast.” She then exited the room after saying all of this. Iira thought it was strange and attended school, but her mom and dad went back to sleep because they had been out the night before. Iira determined to find out what went wrong, so rather than returning to school, she went to the library to learn the true cause for her relocation from Miami to Las Vegas. She requested a woman if she might assist her in her hunt for Miami’s historical past. The woman was in her 50s or 60s and grew up knowing everything because she had lived in Miami for a long time. Ora was her first name. She requested Iira to have a seat so she could tell her about an encounter with a companion who subsequently died.

“There was a teenage girl who died in 1913,” she says at the start of her story. Her corpse was never located, as she simply vanished into thin air. Everyone was astonished when word arrived that the house no E-301 had been barricaded and that they must not go anywhere around it. People who had lived near the area started to shift as well, although there was one house that remained unmoved: Ora’s mate’s house, where she was discovered ill, gloomy, and subsequently died. Her name was Erea, and she was a beautiful young woman. Her residence was direct across the street from E-304. She used to hear voices and see people gesturing from the balcony nearly every day. Her parents were told, but no one paid attention to her. She chose to investigate what was going on one day. Everybody cautioned her against going, but she was only concerned with herself. She went in and came out in a couple of moments. Everybody was taken aback, but after several days, they saw a significant shift in her. She didn’t eat properly and was always dark and gloomy.” Iira abruptly interrupted the elderly woman and asked, “Was indeed the girl who died the girl who died?” Erea, whose full name was Erea Cardoza, was the former and final occupant of our former home. Before we relocated, no one was residing there, because there was this scary house directly across the street, so we closed our shower curtain and neglected it.” Iira and the elderly woman deduced what was wrong with Erea and Liza. Iira dialled her mom and dad’ phone numbers and requested them to meet at the library without telling Liza. The elderly woman then went on to tell the rest of the story, stating, “ Everybody witnessed a woman shouting for aid from the residence after the changes took place. They suspected someone was on the premises, but they all stayed away.” Iira’s parents arrived, and after hearing and reading everything there was to know about the old house, they finally admitted that they had moved here because Liza had been possessed by the spirit and had become problematic. When her soul abandoned her body when she became problematic, we opted to live there.

Iira’s father requested her to stay in the library so she would be protected, and the elderly woman agreed to look after her and keep her protected. Because she was not harmed by the spirit. Liza was sleeping when they arrived at the house, so they woke her up and asked if she wanted to go get frozen yoghurt. Liza disliked frozen yoghurt, but she consented, so they realized it wasn’t their girl. They pulled her in and agreed to take her; nevertheless, what she desired and why she was ruining Liza’s life was unknown. So because the vehicle was small, Liza questioned Iira while they were in the vehicle. Their daughter knew that Iira never happened to come on family vacations as lie having to eat anything or do things. Then they started, “We know you’re not our child,” and they sealed her in the vehicle, withdrew the gasoline, and set fire to it, ending her story. Liza was eventually rescued, but they subsequently planned to move to India. The family returned to Miami with the elderly woman and burnt down the house, bringing the house’s narrative to a close. So each chapter relating to the house was set on fire, and individuals were instructed not to return, and the residence was shut.


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