That Accident

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That Accident by Team Brandsandu

The incident took place on January 5th, 2011 (I am certain of the date because it was my birthday), when I was studying for my MBA and the sun had set. My older brother calls to tell me that my younger brother was in an accident and is in the ICU. I was anxious and wanted to go to the hospital before heading home to meet my brother because it was only a 10-minute drive from my campus. When I arrived, I noticed my parents and one of my aunts standing outside the ICU, so I dashed over to ask what had happened. I just received word that he was in bad condition and had been involved in an accident.

I didn’t try to question because I knew they were all stressed, so I sat on the chair — it was around 8:30 p.m. at the time.

Time passes, and around 11:30, the doctor notifies us that he is no longer in danger. However, we could hear him scream and shout out loud in the room where he’s been admitted. While my father and mother were speaking with the doctor, I summoned all of my courage to enter my brother’s room.

Now he’s dressed in a robe and has wounds all over his face, hands, and legs, and he’s screaming in agony, but as soon as I walk in the room, he stops crying and stated, “It’s your birthday no, HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY” — I was taken aback as to how this dude, who was crying in pain, could unexpectedly wish me a happy birthday. I thanked him and seated down on the bed. This is how the conversation goes on.

“Kya hua bhai kaise gir gaya,” I said, my concern aroused.

Brother: Pata nahi..kuch hua…and I tripp!! (However, this leaves me perplexed.)

Me: Did you dozed off whilst driving?

Brother: No, no

(Gets out of bed and wanders towards the window, despite the fact that he can’t walk and is staggering)

Me: What exactly are you up to?

“Watch out, brother! ”he said.

(It was the 6th floor where we were. There were no grilles on the window.)

He was standing at the window’s brink, ready to dive. When I came running up to him and attempted to stop him but couldn’t, I had to cry for help from my parents and older brother, who all raced in and dragged him back.

He didn’t appear to be ordinary, and he certainly didn’t act ordinary.

By that time, it was 12:15.

He stated that if he does not get out of the hospital, he will die. My mother decided to take him back to the house. We arrived home at 4:00 a.m. after completing all the necessary paperwork.

He took a small nap and got up about 8:00, and he didn’t act usual at all, which we explained could be because he’s still recovering from his injury.

I was always gazing at him and when I noticed him weeping, I told my mother. He woke up and staring through the windows, he was all in tears. My mother ran over to him to find out what was wrong. “Vo aagayi hai (she has arrived),” he said.

We couldn’t figure out what was going on. He jumped off the couch, shoving my mother into the pooja room, where he sat inside, gazing out. I summoned all of my courage to approach him and question as to who had arrived. “Yes, look, she’s seated on the swing, and she intends to take me”, he added. As far as I could tell, no one was around. We attempted to reassure him that he was alone and that there was nothing we could do to help him. It was around 1:00 p.m. when he emerged.

Things returned to normal after a day. It’s now nighttime. He was resting when he suddenly dashed to his room, unlocked the cupboard, and managed to stand on his toes, giggling so wildly (loudly & high pitched) that our neighbors dashed into our home. With all those stitches and that devilish grin, he seemed frightening standing on his toes trying to pull the cupboard doors. When we asked what was wrong, he said, “ She was seated inside and she was the one giggling, not him.”

Frightened, Surprised, Perplexed, Shivering, we all glanced at him. My father is not a person who would believe all this, he instantly took him to a psychiatrist and they found him to be normal because he acted normal.

It was around 1:45 a.m., which was the time my slumber usually interrupted on a regular basis. Somebody was tying something to my feet, but I was so terrified that I didn’t have the courage to stand up and check. I mustered the courage to wake up and check my legs. I felt chilled as soon as I awoke. I looked around and saw nothing. I yell out when I realize the person lying next to me is not my mother but somebody else. Everyone has awoken by this time, and Papa assures me it’s all my mind; nothing is bad. I glanced at my brother and saw that he wasn’t at his place, so I quickly informed my mother. We seek for him and locate him conversing to himself on the rooftop. We were genuinely too terrified to question him about what he was doing out there. When questioned, he claims that he was only talking because he had to travel with her tomorrow.

When my mother contacted a maulvi, he stated that he had stuff with him from the place where he was involved in an accident.

He even began referring to himself as “NEHA.” When we found out, we learned that a girl who was going to marry had just perished at the same place where he had that accident.

This has going on for a very long time, and there are other things he has performed that I haven’t discussed, but we finally had to take him to somebody in Gujarat and force him to remain in an ashram for months in order to get him back to its normal.

I continue to reassure myself by claiming that he has a physiological issue.




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