She was never gone.

The deadline for submitting a publication story was approaching in two days, and Sovan had no idea what story to contribute this time. He was looking for something different than the regular articles. His boss called him, saying, “Hello Sovan, show up into my office straight away!” He was employed by a reputable newspaper publishing company. “You did admirably, but we’ve yet to get any articles from you! Mr Agarwal clarified, “Try to comprehend Sovan, we expect a massive deal from you,” to which he replied, “We expect a large thing from you.” “Yeah, of course, Sir, you need not be concerned. I’m working upon that, and I promise you won’t be disappointed,” he assured his boss.

Seeking information about a few ghostly spots near the area, he learned from his informants that in a neighbouring town, it is reported and rumoured that a ghost is spotted roaming at night. Even though he had no faith in all of this, he decided to submit his article on this subject as a source of entertainment. He travelled by himself to the town of Gopalpur to conduct his research.

“Mister, could you point me in the way of the school route?” When Sovan arrived in the community, he sought assistance. “All you have to do is grab a rickshaw from a certain door (indicating to the station’s perimeter fence) and request to be dropped off in Gopalpur.” As a result, he followed the instructions and travelled on the right path. When he arrived, he saw the area was completely abandoned on that particular day. When he asked the rickshaw driver about it, he was told, “Today there is a carnival in the market area, but most of the people have gone, therefore the streets are far less crowded.” This is a large carnival that has been hosted in this town for many ages.”

When Sovan arrived at the main school property, he began looking for concealed or strange items that could aid him in writing an effective novel. A random girl approached him as he approached a property and questioned, “Mister, are you searching for somebody?” “Hello, I’m a copywriter looking for a narrative for my organization. I’d got to hear this area was famous, so I wanted to see if I could discover something interesting to write about.” The girl paused for a bit before responding, “Of course, you are welcome here.” You are free to gaze about wherever you want.” “I actually know a place which you can check at, and then you might want to use it for your story,” she continued. “Yes, of course, that would have been fantastic! Can you tell me where that is?” Sovan questioned as to why he was thrilled. “It’s around our town’s lake, but I can’t take you straight away because I have to depart.” You can join me here at midnight and I’ll demonstrate you around, as I’ll be able to come after the people at my house have gone to bed.” “Positive, I fully comprehend,” he replied, recalling the stress he was under to submit, and the danger he had to endure. “By noon, I’ll be here.” Thank you so much,” he said, as the girl walked away.

Sovan cleaned up and prepared for his mission by registering into a nearby motel. With a flashlight in hand, he arrived half an hour early at the location mentioned by the girl. Each moment felt like an eternity to him since he was so captivated by the new place. As time progressed, his perseverance begins to decline, but it was nearly 1 a.m. and there was still no sign of the girl. “How could I possibly trust a girl who meets at night?” Sovan was going to walk away when he heard footsteps on the opposite end. The girl had finally shown up in front of his astonished and relieved gaze. “Can you tell me what delayed you so long? I’ve been standing here for over an hour.” “Due to the carnival, it took a bit of time for everybody to slumber, and I had to sneak out a little late,” the girl apologized. Come on in and let me demonstrate you around before it gets later.” They both went in the opposite way of the school property, towards the river.

“Do you come here late in the night frequently?” As he pondered about her boldness, he questioned, “Apologies I didn’t quite catch your name, I’m Sovan.” “Of course, you’re free to say that. Being alone is generally the best moment for an individual”, the girl grinned. “My name is Radhika,” she says. “So, do you go to school?” “I used to until I was in 11th grade at the school where we had met. But, owing to a circumstance, I was unable to persist.”

When they arrived at the lake’s edge, the entire area was deafeningly quiet. She told him, “Here Gentleman, you could have a strong narrative to publish.” When he saw the location and the sea, he became perplexed, saying, “My apologies, how is this area beneficial for me?” I’m not a nature lover, and I’m not here to draw a portrait.” Sovan ultimately outbursts, “Listen Radhika, I’m not here for any sightseeing objective.”When he saw the location and the sea, he became perplexed, saying, “Pardon me, how is this area beneficial for me?” I’m not a nature lover, and I’m not here to draw a portrait.” Sovan ultimately outbursts, “Listen Radhika, I’m not here for any sightseeing objective.” As his tolerance wears thin and he becomes upset by the environment, he says, “I’m not here for any sightseeing intention.” I’m looking for a storey that I need to deliver as soon as possible. Please assist me or don’t waste my time!” As his tolerance wears thin and he becomes upset by the environment, he says, “Look, Radhika, I’m not here for any sightseeing intention. I’m looking for a story that I need to deliver as soon as possible. Please assist me or don’t waste my time!”

Suddenly, a scream came from behind the woods on the complete reverse side of the lake. Sovan became shocked and turned in that way, moving closer to the lake to see what was going on, as he lost concentration on the argument. He could see four guys bringing a fifth person out of the trees from the other side of the lake. “What’s happening here?” Sovan was taken aback when he saw tears streaming down the girl’s cheeks as she stopped and looked at them in a daze. Recognizing that something terrible was about to unfold, he began racing towards them while simultaneously begging for assistance.

“Come to a halt right there! While approaching them from the reverse direction, he yelled, “What the fuck are you guys doing?” The four men appeared to have bound a girl and dragged her to the river. Despite being bound up, the girl was battling fiercely against the boys since she recognized their fury and power were about to take her life. One amongst them yelled, “Don’t let go of the girl, e,” while another one yelled, “Vicky, stiffen your grip.” As they approached the water body, another person observed, “She is a great pain for us; we have to bring an end to her Pradip.” “It’s time to say goodbye, female, you should have never tampered with Deva,” one of them said maliciously, and the four men hurled the girl into the lake’s centre.

Sovan had just arrived at the location when he saw the girl being flung. Despite not making any moves against the boys, he entered the water straight away to save the girl from drowning. And in the meantime, the locals assembled at the lake, noticing his yelling and carrying lanterns with them. The villagers yelled, “ Who the hell is there?” He tried his hardest to dive to the bottom of the lake to locate her, but he was incapable of functioning due to a lack of oxygen and illumination inside. Despite his best efforts, Sovan popped up to the surface and dashed to the edge. “Come help! In an exhausted condition, he arrived and appealed with the crowd standing there, “Please save the girl, she is choking to death.”

Everybody was taken aback when they saw an unfamiliar man in that condition at the midnight. One of them questioned, “Who are you, son, and also what are you doing here?” while the other questioned, “Who is choking to death?” Sovan couldn’t decide to either explain what is happening or jump back into the river because he was fatigued and eager. “Take it, easy boy, explain to me what gone wrong,” said an elderly woman who was supporting him and attempting to get him to settle. “What happened to the men? That girl was brought here and thrown into the river. “We have to save the girl,” he said, frightened. “There is no one around, boy,” states the man. Whilst others waited by, witnessing the occurrence, the elderly guy questioned, “Don’t panic! Explain to me why you went in the steam?” He then took a minute to gather his thoughts before explaining the entire scenario, beginning with the girl who accompanied him to this location for his narrative, how he arrived at the lake, and everything he saw on the other side that pushed him to plunge into the lake. Someone said, “We didn’t even hear such voices besides yours.” “Who were the men you said tossed the girl?” one man in the crowd questioned. “I suppose there were four men,” he said, recalling Rishi, Vicky, Pradip, and Deva through his memories. These were the names they used to designate towards one another.” The elderly guy inquired, “What was the girl like who brought you here and whom you witnessed sinking?” “I couldn’t see their faces properly because of the obscurity, and I didn’t recognize her. The girl that led me here and accompanied me is, nevertheless, a teenage girl. She went to the school on the school route when she was younger.” “What was that girl’s name who bought you up here?” the elderly man questioned, toward which he answered back, “She claimed her name is Radhika, I suppose, and she is about 5 feet tall with fair skin.”

People in the crowd were stunned when they heard this and began muttering to one another. When he saw their response, he said, “Why, what occurred?” The elderly man said, “This can’t possibly be true, boy, are you making this stuff up?” “Apologies, Sir, I didn’t get you; why should I?” Sovan excused himself by saying, “I merely informed you about the encounter that scared me.” “She was my grandchild!” the elderly man exclaimed in response to his persuasion. She died due to drowning in the lake 12 years ago.” Adding to this, a member of the audience exclaimed, “It appears she hasn’t gone!”

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Brandsandu Is A Complete 360 ° Branding & Digital Marketing Company In Delhi Ncr Providing A Complete Solution From Branding To Social Media

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