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Role of brand identity development and the role of marketing communications :
Role of brand identity development and the role of marketing communications :

Recently academics outlined the importance of manufacturer relationships and brand experiences as constructing blocks of manufacturer identities. New marketing communication tools, which allow interactions and purchaser engagement, are among the most essential tools mentioned for strengthening company relationships and enhancing company experiences by way of academics. Therefore the paper analyses the perception of company identity constructing blocks through brand professionals and their usage of new marketing communication tools. Twelve in-depth interviews have been conducted

Among manufacturer experts in Slovenia. Our findings suggest that company experts’ expertise about manufacturer identity is now not constant with the newest brand identity conceptualizations, by no longer considering manufacturer relationships and manufacturer experiences as building blocks of manufacturer identity.

According to the modern approach in branding academics study brands from the internal and external stakeholder perspective (de Chernatony and Harris 2000; Konecnik Ruzzier and Ruzzier 2009). On this basis a two-dimensional approach to branding became evident in the literature (Konecnik and Gartner 2007; Konecnik, Ruzzier and Ruzzier 2009; de Chernatony 2010) where on the one side the emphasis is centred on internal stakeholders and brand identity development (Kapferer 1997; de Chernatony 1999; Konecnik Ruzzier and Ruzzier 2009)and on the other side on external stakeholders and brand equity development (Keller 1993; Aaker 1996).

Changes in the market opened up several new research topics in marketing, the place branding and marketing communications have one of the leading roles. The outlined theme is of a huge significance to scientific advertising research worldwide, which is evident also in Marketing Science Institute (2010) lookup priorities for the length from 2010 to

2012, where two among eight research precedence subjects outlined the importance of modifications in advertising communications and the assignment of managing manufacturers in the new, converted market.

Alike to initial brand definitions, which equated brands with visual elements (de Chernatony and McDonald 1992), also the earliest brand identity classifications equated brand identity with visual identity (van Riel and Balmer 1997). Even though visual identity has a huge importance in

Brand building, it represents only one component among all other elements that form brand identity (van Riel and Balmer 1997; de Chernatony 2010). The brand iceberg represents the recent view in brand identity theory, separating brand identity to its visible and invisible part, where the invisible part is gaining in importance (Davidson 1997). Proposed brand identity building blocks are vision, mission, values, personality and core competencies which are evident in the most reviewed brand identity models. Vision represents the reason for the brand’s existence and embodies its core values (Collins and Porras 1996). Mission is seen as the most essential element of brands’ philosophy (Abratt 1989; Melewar and Karaosmanoglu 2006). Stakeholders are presently considered not solely as co-creators of brand experiences and relationships however should additionally contribute to manufacturer identity creation.

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Brandsandu Is A Complete 360 ° Branding & Digital Marketing Company In Delhi Ncr Providing A Complete Solution From Branding To Social Media

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