Mysterious Friend

Mysterious Friend by team

Vaishali was eagerly awaiting the return of her daughter Nikita. Nikita recently began playing with an unfamiliar child beside the river. They live only a few yards from the river. She told her mother about the visitor, who turned out to be her new mysterious companion. Their house is in the suburb, on the outskirts of a little woodland. Hari, Nikita’s dad, grew up in that house and spent most of his youth there. Despite the fact that it is far from the town, he chose to live there. A two-meter fence surrounds the house, which is surrounded by lush, green grass.

Nikita was a year old when they shifted into that house. Doctors say it will be impossible for Vaishali to have another baby after Nikita. As a result, they began to look after her with extreme caution. Kayva discovered she needed more friends to play with when she was five, but there were no other homes nearby, so she had no children to play with. She was bored out of her mind. They used to go to their friend’s house in town every now and then to spend time with their children. But that wasn’t enough for Nikita.

Vaishali had requested Hari to switch to a different home near town particularly for Nikita, so she may make a lot of friends in town, but Hari keeps putting it off. In the meantime, Nikita had become likely to be playing alone and spending a great deal of time by the river.

When the days were like this, Nikita came home happy one day and informed her mother that she had made a new friend by the river. Vaishali was startled since, as far as she knew, no one lived near their house, so there was no way anyone could come over to play. However, once Nikita described her in terms of how she speaks and how she appears, she began to suspect that the girl could be from a nearby small village. She was the same age as Nikita, according to her description, and she came by every day wearing only a kid’s underwear. However, Vaishali was intrigued as to why such a young girl from a village would travel alone.

She requested that Nikita take her home. But she declined to bring her because her friend dislikes seeing them. And her friend warned Nikita that if anyone saw her, she would never see her again. Vaishali became suspicious of her buddy after hearing this. She informed Hari about Nikita’s mystical friend. But it didn’t seem to bother her.

That day, Vaishali determined to find out who she was at all means. So she made Nikita’s favourite dessert to help her relax and learn more about her buddy. She had been waiting for her to return home. She arrived after a while.

“Hello, Sweety, you’re aware of what I’ve prepared for you. Can you guess?” she asked as she carried her.

“Hey… mummy… I’m sure you made Gulab Jamun. I love it”, She was overjoyed. Vaishali smiled and led her to the kitchen, where she was given a Gulab Jamun. “Sweety, does your buddy like Gulab Jamun as well?” she questioned as she ate.

She gulped down the Jamun and responded, “Yes, mamma.”

Why don’t you give it to your good friend? She might be overjoyed, Alright?” she said, handing her a box.

“You are absolutely right, mummy. She will be overjoyed. You are so lovely,”, she said as she took the package.

“Are you ready to leave now?” “Is your friend still by the river?” she questioned, her gaze fixed on her.

“Yes, mummy, she’s always there,”. Even though she has no friends, I’m going to give it to her right now,” she remarked as she prepared to depart.

“All right, hurry! And, please, take care.”

“Of course, mummy and my friend will be overjoyed to see this sweet. Bye!,” she said as she walked outside.

Vaishali followed her after a few seconds, taking great care not to be seen by Nikita. She was taken aback when she arrived at the bay and saw what Nikita was up to. Nikita was the only one present. She was alone in the room, talking and eating Gulab Jamun from the air. Someone sat next her since she was chatting in such a way. “Sweety!” exclaimed Vaishali as she rushed up to Nikita and stood in front of her. “What are you doing here by yourself?”.

Nikita was taken aback when she saw her.

“Mummy, What brought you here? I warned you not to come here. See, my friend departed”, she murmured.

“Shut your mouth! You don’t really have any friends here. You were talking to yourself here”, she exclaimed hysterically.

Nikita has never seen her mother in such a state before. “I was merely conversing with my friend. I wasn’t taking this on my own. She is gone because you came”, she broke into tears.

“Enough is enough, come back home,” she said as she took her hand in hers and led her home.

Nikita was still weeping when they arrived home, so she went into her room and shut the door. Vaishali was enraged to see her child alone talking. She awaited Hari’s return so she could tell her husband about what had actually happened.

“Oh! That’s a pretty typical occurrence, baby. It’s not uncommon for children to act in this manner. They form friendships with fictional people and converse with them. Don’t make it a big deal out of it. Ease up”, he responded when she told Hari about what happened that day.

She wasn’t expecting that response from him because she assumed he’d take Nikita to the doctor for a routine check-up.

“However, honey, It is not acceptable for someone to speak on their own. Can we take her to the clinic?”, she’s scared.

“I informed you. Take it easy on yourself. It’s not a major issue. All right?, , “I have to take a bath”, he said and went to the restroom.

Vaishali, on the other hand, was not satisfied; she did, although, wish to keep a tight eye on her daughter’s conduct. Her anxiety was compounded when Nikita told her that her friend had come to her room to talk to her because Vaishali had forbidden Nikita from going to the riverside since the event.

“Did she say anything to you?” She was interested to learn more.

“She’s furious with you, mom, because you won’t let me speak to her. She threatened to murder you. But I begged with her not to. She’s not the same as she used to be. She’s changed drastically. She is terrified and says, “I’m scared, mummy.”

When Vaishali heard the word “killing” from a five-year-old kid’s mouth, her complexion grew pale and horrified. “Nothing is going to happen my baby,” she embraced her quickly. She tried to reassure her by saying, “Don’t stress, alright?” She wondered why she was talking like that, and she was resolved to take her to the doctor before the matter became out of her control.

“I’m not sure what is wrong with you. You’re not paying attention to what I’m saying. We need to get her to the doctor. She’s behaving strangely. She told me today that her imaginary friend was going to kill me. Do you want to wait until she turns into a MAD girl?” Vaishali yelled at Hari.

Hari was attempting to calm her down by saying, “Vaishali, give it a rest, There isn’t going to be anything. Just wait a few days, everything will be OK.”

“When? When will it eventuate. You don’t enjoy it when you have to move. You despise taking her to the doctor. You don’t want anything to happen. Why is that? I have to know today. This is it!” She screamed hysterically.

“No, we won’t be able to take her to any doctor because…” Hari paused, unsure what else to say.

“Because… why???. Why can’t we take our daughter to a doctor? Now I see why, you don’t care about her. You don’t love her.”

Hari became enraged and clenched his fist, yelling, “Stop whining! I was hesitant to take her because there is no such thing as “HER.” Our daughter passed away. Unfortunately, yes, our lovely daughter is dead. When we first arrived here, you brought her out on the river on a boat, but the boat collided with a tree and spun. And you’d both ended up in the river. Our daughter drowned to death, but you were able to survive.”, he sobbed.

She was taken aback and stared at him blankly.

He kept going, “After that mishap, you didn’t believe our daughter was gone. You began to act as if she were still alive and playing with us. You created a fantasy world in which our lovely daughter lived with us and grew up. It was you, you didn’t want to move because if we did, you could remember that daughter was no longer with us but you didn’t want that. You wanted to live in your fantasy world and feel our daughter’s existence but you have no idea how much suffering I went through seeing you like that.”, he came to a halt.

“No, you’re making things up by your own. Our daughter is still alive. I’ll show you. “She is asleep. She is breathing”, Vaishali whispered and unconsciously collapsed on the floor.




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Brandsandu Is A Complete 360 ° Branding & Digital Marketing Company In Delhi Ncr Providing A Complete Solution From Branding To Social Media

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