Lucifer — The Son of Satan

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Rohan was in a rush to go back to the house, so he called Uber to get there as quickly as possible. He was employed by a big corporation. He worked the night shift there for over six months. Rohan was content with his family, which included his wife, Kaveri, and their five-year-old kid.

When he had some free time, he would phone his wife at midnight for a quick talk. Rohan got a call from his wife today, as he does every other day. However, he overheard his wife shouting on the telephone. “Rescue me, rescue me,” she shouted. The telephone went dead. Someone appeared to be planning her murder.

Rohan was engrossed in his thoughts. A second felt like a lifetime to him. He urged the driver to move quickly.

He informed his supervisor after hearing his wife’s voice. His supervisor granted him to leave right away and assisted him in booking an Uber. Rohan reflected on his initial days.

Rohan looked for work after graduating. He was quickly hired by this corporation. He decided to marry his girlfriend, Kaveri, seven months after starting his career. They have been together for almost six years. Their families were aware of their relationship, but Rohan’s parents opted to wait till their son had a job before meddling. All of it was good till their parents decided to have their matchmaking done by an astrologer.

Rohan and Kaveri’s parents decided to consult a prominent astrologer to set a date for their wedding. If an issue emerged, they would frequently see him. Rohan, on the other hand, has never trusted astrologers. Kaveri, on the other hand, trusted them.

The astrologer’s eyebrows nearly rose an inch when he first saw Rohan and Kaveri’s birthday graph. He fixed his gaze on the parents.

“There is a bare minimum of compatibility between them. Kaveri will give birth to a Demonic son in the coming years.”

All of the writings had been read by Rohan’s father. He was well aware of what a son of Satan was. Hearing the word baffled his head. He sat on the floor, his head bowed. Kaveri’s father, on the other hand, was unaware of this and was curious about Satan’s son.

“Satan, sometimes referred to as the Devil Lucifer, is a figure in Abrahamic religions that persuades mankind into wrongdoing or mistruth,” the astrologer replied in response to his query. He is frequently depicted as a fallen angel or a jinn in Christians and Muslims, who once possessed immense devotion and elegance but revolted against Almighty.”

Kaveri’s dad countered, “But we’re Hindus.”

“Satan is identified as Asur in Hindu religion. The astrologer warned them that Kaveri’s son would not only murder her mom, but also humanity.

They planned to end their wedding after listening to the prophecy, but Rohan was not persuaded. He sought medical advice to determine the authenticity of the devil’s son. He was told by the doctor that such a theory did not exist in medical expertise. As a result, he rented an apartment and married Kaveri. They wedded in secrecy there. Kaveri, a true believer, had tried to persuade him, but she was compelled to choose what Rohan sought. Since they are secretly married, both of their families refused to speak with them.

Kaveri gave birth to a baby boy 2 years later. He was just like any other infant. Kaveri realized that all astrologers are fraudsters upon seeing his face. They coexisted in harmony.

When Rohan’s parents heard that their son and daughter-in-law were getting along just fine with their grandchild and that no unusual events had occurred, they resolved to pay a visit to their grandchild.

Kaveri was overjoyed to receive a surprise visit from her in-laws. They gave the boy a gold necklace and decided to stay with him for the rest of the day. Kaveri and her mother-in-law were conversing in the hallway in the twilight when they observed a tremendous shriek from upstairs. They ran into the bedroom, where they saw Kaveri’s father-in-law on the ground. He was struggling for air. He seems to have seen something strange. Kaveri fixed her gaze on her kid. He was playing with himself while lying in bed. Rohan walked into the room just in time. He was rushed to a medical centre and confirmed dead almost instantaneously.

The prediction arose with Rohan’s father’s strange demise. Kaveri began to have doubts about her child. Rohan, on the other hand, was sceptical. Each night since that day, a dog has mysteriously disappeared as well as its half-eaten corpse has been discovered the next afternoon.

The driver came to a complete halt. Rohan emerged from his prior recollections when the motor abruptly stopped. He realized he had arrived at his destination. He didn’t have to pay the Uber driver because his boss had already paid him online. He got out of the automobile and walked into his leased home.

He frantically searched for his wife, Kaveri. He was unable to locate her. Even though it was extremely difficult to find anybody in the home due to the intense darkness. Rohan looked for the switch so he could power on the electricity. He switched on his hand-held lamp. He flicked on one of the switching devices on the board when he located it. It was a power failure, much to his astonishment. He opted to use his cellphone flashlight to locate her. He looked in every room and discovered traces of blood on the wall surfaces. The victim appeared to have been smashed into the walls. Rohan became frightened. He observed a large pool of blood on the ground that had trailed him from the kitchen into the bedroom. Just after killing, the victim appeared to be hauled into the bedroom. He also spotted enormous strange footprints strewn throughout the huge blood trail. It looked like a fanged foot. He was reminded of the prediction. He abandoned his bravery as he realized what was going to happen. Pursuing the huge blood trail, he eventually entered the bedroom, motivating himself.

He tripped over something when he got to his room. He came to a halt on his knee caps. His phone slid from his grip and landed far away on the ground. To get the notion, he stretched his eyes to see the figure in the blackness. He could not sort out what was going on. In the darkened room, he could only see the mobile since its flashlight was switched on. He then forced himself to his phone and pointed his flashlight in the area where he had fallen. He noticed his dead wife lying on the ground in the light of the cellphone flashlight. He shone the flashlight on the upper torso and discovered a corpse without even ahead. He puked there upon seeing the headless corpse. He went utterly silent for over a minute after a time. He heard a noise of chomping emerging from underneath the mattress in the quietness. He was astonished to see his kid in a new avatar when he threw the cellphone flashlight underneath the mattress. He was entirely transformed into Satan, the demon. He had spines, flanged feet, and a tail. He was also naked, with uncommonly hairy legs. His entire body was inflamed. He was confronted with a decapitated head. The head was devoured in halves. Rohan immediately recognized his wife’s head. He was gnawing on one of the dismembered head’s eyeballs. Rohan yelled in anguish. Satan fixed his gaze on him. He swooped down on Rohan. The place was packed with a deafening shriek.

A couple of minutes later, a cloud of bright thick smoke billowed over their roof, speeding towards the sky. The sky was completely obscured by dense clouds. It started raining. But that wasn’t just any downpour. It was acid rain. It proceeded to slaughter Humanity for another thirty days.

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