There is a garden in front of the house, and an old swing is located in it. Because the house is so old, we can hear the floor squeak when someone walks on it. Because of her husband’s departure, the mother suffers from anxiety. Every morning when the mother wakes up she discovers that all the clocks are stopped at 3:07 a.m. which is very weird since she bought that clock just a few days before. The very next morning she notices bruises on her daughter’s body which she ignored since her daughter is mischievous so she could have hurt herself while playing. Then one night the lady notices that in the shady night a girl other than her daughter has been making strange noises for a few weeks, but the mother has ignored them. But that noise never stopped, it kept happening then after a few days her daughter is playing with her dolls when she hears two girls laughing and giggling from a nearby room. Her mother asks her why she was laughing while playing with dolls during dinner.

When her daughter was asked about Lisa, she replied that she was playing with her, but that Lisa had warned her not to talk about her to anyone otherwise Lisa would do something very bad to her… Afterward, the mother asks her daughter how she looks, and the daughter replies that she has large, black eyes, no teeth, is thin, and has pale, white skin. The mother’s face goes pale from confusion and terror.

Then they hear a strange sound in the garden, and her mother asks her to go to bed immediately. Her daughter says, “It must be Lisa!” as she smiles. The daughter starts rushing to the garden and the mother goes outside to check on her daughter, and she follows her out there with her daughter. As they watch, they notice that the swing is moving on its own compliance. Then, when the mother tells her daughter to go to bed right away, the girl leaves the house. It starts moving quickly as soon as the mother gets close. This is when the mother rushes back into her bedroom, where her daughter is soundly snoring. Trying to calm herself, she lays down right beside her daughter and tries to relax. ‘Mommy, are you sleeping?’ someone asks her after a few seconds of creaking noise from the door opening slowly.

She grabs her daughter and covers herself with a bedsheet as the nearby lamp goes out. Upon hearing the floor creak slowly towards them, her heart begins to beat rapidly. Then she feels like someone’s walking towards her and the noise of feet walking on the floor hit her ears. She is terrified. Afraid to breathe, she feels someone touch her face, the bedsheet is pulled down, and she hears, “Mommy.” It is only after she has opened her eyes that she realizes that the person next to her is Lisa and she opens her eyes and says, “Mommy.”

She is temporarily paralyzed, and she feels as if her very soul has been shaken, but her instincts tell her to save the child, and she leaps off the bed, grabs her daughter, and runs out of the room, slamming the door behind her as she does it.

She runs as fast as she can but then suddenly she notices that there was no one in sight when she looked down at her daughter, and her heart began to race. Somehow, she manages to regain her composure and rush back to her bedroom. She slowly opens the door, peeks inside, and sees something that makes her pale. She sees her daughter sobbing over a torn teddy bear on the bed, and over her shoulder, she sees an entity on the wall, a mass of pitch blackness with two stark white spots on its face. Black smoke rises from the long, dark hair.

Without a glimpse at the entity, she embraces and lifts her daughter into her arms as she cries, helpless in the face of the sinister presence. Then, she turns to leave and closes the door behind her. She enters the garden and calmly swings her daughter in her arms. Although she recognizes her daughter as she looks at her again, she notices that something is different. She is stunned and confused. She notices that her daughter is still, her eyes are closed, and her skin is a pale white color. While her eyes fill with tears, her mother begins to stroke her hair. She gazes at her daughter for some time and screams aloud thinking that she would never be able to see her pretty daughter again.

She managed to dig a hole in the ground and laid her daughter inside, and cried silently as she watched her innocent daughter. Then she memorizes all the pretty happy moments that she spent with her beautiful daughter. She returns home to find Lisa standing in front of her holding a teddy bear. She calls out, “Mommy”, and her mother falls to her knees, embraces her, and asks, “Are you hungry? “

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Brandsandu Is A Complete 360 ° Branding & Digital Marketing Company In Delhi Ncr Providing A Complete Solution From Branding To Social Media

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Brandsandu Is A Complete 360 ° Branding & Digital Marketing Company In Delhi Ncr Providing A Complete Solution From Branding To Social Media

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