In-Prison Nightmares

There were many in front of me, I believe, there were strange things written on the walls, scary messages and signs, these were written in blood… some are so old that the redness is faint and pale, and some are so young that he still smells of blood. The roof had collapsed; make me believe that he will break them down at any moment and crush me. I was trapped in a cage, three concrete walls surrounded me, and it was not on these walls that strange objects were inscribed.

One of the walls, in the middle of these opposing sides, had an opening where the light of the moon entered a small cell, in the dark, this light of light illuminated the cell, not so much but enough for me to see. The opening was too far for one to reach, and too small for one to crawl in, about four inches high and seven inches wide. The other side, facing the wall had metal bars running straight up, I could see one side of it but I could not go the other way. The place stinks, a foul smell of blood mixed with a stench resembling rotten flesh. I would not be surprised if I saw a demon sitting in the dark in one of the corners of the room. This prison cell is hell, the only dirty person, like me, who finds himself trapped here.

I could not sleep in a horrible place, I sat on the edge of the iron bed, those you find in poorly cared for hospitals, I would rather die than endure this sad hell. In front of me was a red pentagram turned on the wall. I heard strange things. Outside I heard the howl of a wolf in the woods across the prison wall, how at night it moves under the sky full of moonlight. From the cell next to mine I heard a man crying, suddenly and he just laughed and started crying again. I also heard the sound of nails scratching on the concrete walls as if a man with a strong hand was trying to dig a hole in the wall and run away. Then there are the sounds of action by prison guards as they guard. The confusing sound of their eight bells was driving me crazy. How can one find peace under such circumstances? Only fear finds him.

The cloud covered the moon and drove away even the dim light of the moon and I sat there in great darkness. My feelings grew stronger; I could smell very bad and the sounds were clear. It was as if the darkness had taken away my vision but it gave me a strong sense of smell and hearing and a feeling of darkness to compensate for my blindness.

It started to rain, and finally, the noisy noises and were replaced by the sound of rain and thunder, I felt better, the only thing that bothered me was the smell of blood as a result, which made me feel like the sky was bleeding and bleeding.

The darkness, however, intensified, I raised my hand in front of my face trying to see it but all I could see was darkness. Such darkness should exist only in the depths of the earth where the Demons are hiding, but it only goes hand in hand because I and other prisoners were criminals, convicted of inhuman conduct. I was brought here because I killed my brother. According to what I heard from the guards, one of the inmates broke his heart and ate his wife. Yes, we are demons without horns.

Then I lay down on the metal bed in the hope that I would fall asleep and wish I could only wake up when this nightmare was over, only to wake up when the morning light called to me.

Suddenly, a thunderstorm shook the prison and woke me up again before the nightmare ended.

I got up and sat on the edge of the bed and shook my head in pity. Then lightning flashed and for example illuminated a prison cell like a ball fired at a battlefield during a night attack. In that moment of separation, I could see that the cell was much clearer than what I had seen during the day. And that divine light showed me an image of a man standing before me. She was wearing a black dress and a scar on her face running down her left cheek…

Wait… that scar…

That scar, that cut is the cut I brought to my brother’s face before I killed him. Why? You must be dead. And is not his death a cause for me to be in a horrible hell?

I stood up in shock, fear, and confusion. Then another bolt of lightning struck and that’s when I saw the deceased raise his right hand where he was holding a sword as if he was going to stab me. I quickly grabbed his right hand, then punched him in the throat. While he was holding his breath, I took a moment and took a sword in his hand and stabbed him in the left eye and when I retracted the sword, the bullet in his eye left his socket and clung to the sword. And, look! He fell to the ground and died like a dead man. I do not know why and how my eyes were restored, even in the dark without the bright light, I could see clearly.

I sat on his chest and began to cut his face, remove the skin spots and eat them, they tasted good, they tasted better than anything I had eaten, it was ten times better than the solid bread they had given us. Using his blood, I began to write. When I finished, the corpse no longer had the skin on his face, no eyeball and tongue split into two equal pieces. I also felt and looked down at the side of the corpse and read what I had written, it said, “The dead would have died. DO NOT RETURN “.

After exploring my art, I became very satisfied and began to express my satisfaction with demonic laughter.

Suddenly, the roof opened and a gallon of blood fell on me -

I woke up wet and cold, shivering and two guards were watching me through the separating bars. One of them lit a flashlight for me and the other held an empty bucket of water on me.

One of them said, “Do you know where you are?”

“Yes, sir. I am in prison, “I replied calmly.

“Of course, at least you didn’t go down without explaining yourself first. Now tell me, why did you laugh like a madman in the middle of the night? “

I laughed and replied, “Nothing, sir. It’s just a beautiful dream “.

They whispered some words and left, and I went back to sleep.

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Brandsandu Is A Complete 360 ° Branding & Digital Marketing Company In Delhi Ncr Providing A Complete Solution From Branding To Social Media

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