Creepy Date Night

5 min readAug 11, 2021

About a lovely young lady who turns out to be somewhat terrifying for young men who wish to date her.

Years ago, there was a young girl who lived in a secluded village with her parents. Her beautiful black hair, creamy white skin, and lovely oval eyes made her exceedingly attractive. Young Japanese men would travel long distances simply to ask her out on a date.

As word of her attractiveness went across the neighborhood, more and more boys would show up on her doorstep, expressing their love for her and pleading for permission to take her out for the evening.

The problem was that none of the young men stayed with her for more than one date. They were always spotted racing away, screaming in terror, before the night was done. None of them wanted to talk about what had happened, and none of them wanted to see her again.

The young men stopped coming to see her after a while, and her parents began to worry that their daughter would never find a husband. Rumors started to circulate across the hamlet. People assumed there was something wrong with the lovely young lady. Some people speculated that she had a bad personality. Others said she had some sort of horrible condition that was driving all of the lads away.

Her parents were taken aback. They were perplexed as to why so many young men were afraid of their daughter. She was usually nice, cheerful, and even-tempered. She studied diligently in the evenings and never objected when her mother asked her to help with household tasks.

A young man came walking up the garden path one day as her father was out in the garden mowing the lawn.

“Can you tell me what you want?” asked, the old guy

“I’d like to date your daughter,” the young guy said, and the father was overjoyed. He enthusiastically welcomed the young man into his home and introduced him to his lovely daughter. The girl appeared bashful and never looked the young man in the eyes. She spoke softly, scarcely audible above a whisper, and she flushed deep red every time he spoke to her.

Regardless, the young man was smitten by her beauty and asked her out on a date. When he left, she accepted and walked him to the door.

She answered gently, “Not now, Please return at midnight but don’t knock too loudly or you may wake up my parents.”

The young man was taken aback, but that night he returned and quietly tapped on her bedroom window. When the window unexpectedly opened, the girl climbed through it.

“Before I go out with you, you have to promise me something,” she added quietly.

The young man nodded cheerfully.

She said, “I want you to take a love test. You will pass the exam if you truly love me. If you fail the exam, promise me that you will never tell another living soul about what happened tonight.”

The young man had no idea what the lovely young lady was thinking, but he agreed to remain silent. “I firmly pledge that I will never speak a word of it to anyone,” he added, his hand over his heart.

“All right, follow me,” the girl said.

The young man said, “Where are we going?” but the girl remained silent.

The moon was obscured by a veil of clouds on this night. In Japan, it is said that ghosts roam the earth during this type of night. In the distance, the two young people could hear the terrible sound of hounds howling. They crept through the abandoned hamlet streets till they reached the woods in silence.

The young man had to hurry to catch up with the girl as she hurried down a dark, overgrown road. The walkway was lined with massive trees that towered over them like colossal giants. They eventually came to an old graveyard. The moon peered out from behind the clouds, putting a weak light over old gravestones covered in moss and growing vines, which the young man could see.

In the breeze, the girl’s nightdress fluttered. She was standing along the edge of a recently dug grave. She took up a rusted old spade and began digging, scattering clumps of dirt everywhere as the young man stood there watching. She then got down on her knees and swept dirt away with her hands till she found a coffin.

Imagine his horror when she raised the lid, unwrapped the white shroud, and ripped one arm from the body inside. She then clenched it between her teeth and bit down hard. While staring at him, she chewed it loudly.

“This is the test of love,” she grumbled. “If you love me, you will do as I do and eat as I eat.”

With that, she snatched the other arm off the body and tossed it to the young man. He didn’t even take a breath. He bit off a large chunk of the arm he had just taken up.

He was much more taken aback now! He had no idea human flesh could be so tasty! He suddenly realized he wasn’t eating a corpse at all. It was all a joke, of course. It was a sugar and rice flour-based candy corpse.

The lovely lady busted out laughing. “You know, you’re the only one who didn’t run away out of all the boys that came to take me out on a date. I want to marry a bold man, and this indicates you are that man. Now I have the opportunity to fall in love with you.”

There was no sign of a smile on the young man’s face. He merely stood there in the dim light, near the grave’s edge, staring at her. His hatred and anger could be seen in his eyes.

“Only candy?” you might wonder. He snarled. “I assumed you were similar to me.”

He then took up the shovel and began digging another grave. He busted up a casket and began devouring the dead body inside when he discovered it.

This time it was the girl who screamed and bolted.

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