On the phone, you can communicate with a ghost. You only need to copy this number, go to a phone booth in a quiet area away from the crowded city streets, and dial the number that was copied. If a ghost responds, you’ll have a chance to speak with it. There is no need to insert any money; the ghost will pay from its end.” According to my homepage’s advertisement when I logged in for the first time that night. It appealed to my interest in the supernatural, so I decided to give it a shot. When I saw the ad, I made a mental note to take the phone number with me to work the next day so that I could make the call on my way home.

As soon as I got home from work the next day, I took a slight detour from my usual route and stopped at a phone booth on an unassuming side street a couple of blocks away from the main street. After entering the booth, I had a creepy feeling, but I ignored it, assuming that the lack of noise was responsible for it. The phone company had clearly neglected the booth, as the door was rusted and wouldn’t close all the way. In the booth, there was also a rusty stool. Sitting on the edge of that chair, I fumbled around in my heavy briefcase for the piece of paper that contained the phone number. After a few minutes, I found the piece of paper and closed my briefcase so that all of my work papers wouldn’t fly out if I had to flee. Then, I removed the receiver from the metal phone box and dialed the number on the dial pad on the handset. Soon, I heard dinging and clanking as if someone had dropped several coins into the pay phone’s slot. The sound seemed to be coming from a very close distance to me. This could have been due to proximity or the phone line amplifying sounds coming from that phone. A few seconds later, I heard the phone on the other end ringing. It sounded very similar to the first one. Eventually, I heard the clicking sound of someone answering the phone, followed by a low, unsettling voice saying, “I’m here.” The speaker’s voice sounded as if he or she were standing right next to me. It made me nervous, but I refused to let it deter me.

When I saw the ghost, I was amazed.

“Yes, I’m a real ghost,” said the low, eerie voice.

“Wow! Do you have any hobbies?”

“Strangle people and choke them.”

“How did you end up doing that?” I asked.

We were slaughtered in the cafeteria of my school by a deranged gunman who fired randomly into the crowd.” “After my death, I decided to make amends with the society that had wronged me.

“Exactly how many people you have strangled?”

“There are exactly 352 of them.”

“Wow, you’ve got the exact number in your mind!”

“It is true that human beings are incapable of keeping track of so many, but ghosts are able to.”

“Why do you want to kill as many people as possible before you finally forgive society?”

“If you want to forgive someone, you have to be living. A person who has passed away never forgives.”

“If you want to strangle someone, where do you look for them?”

“The only place I go is to the bathroom. This phone is always with me. I strangle anyone who comes here alone and uses this phone. If he refuses to go down the street, I’ll drag him up to the next street. Next morning, the police see the body and believe it’s just another murder.”

“In the phone booth, do people see a ghost and avoid it altogether?”

“No, I’m not there. Nothing but a phone box with a receiver hanging in it can be seen by the spectators. Another way of saying that it is an ordinary phone in an ordinary booth. As soon as they dial and start talking, I pounce on them.”

“Which phone are you using right now?” I asked.

“ telephone number you just dialed”

When I saw the phone box, I was compelled to take a closer look at the number displayed on the box. The number appeared to be a familiar one. My phone number was exactly the same as the number on the phone box! So, I had called the same phone number from which I had called! That meant that the ghost was using the same phone that I was! My soul was filled with dread. That night I was too stunned to think about moving or doing anything but waiting for my fate at the hands of the ghost to be decided. Then I noticed that the phone booth’s door was slightly open. What happened next jolted me out of my trance and stimulated me to act on an idea. I slammed the phone booth’s door shut and dashed out the door. When I finally reached the main street, I saw several people waiting at a bus stop. In the frantic rush, I was out of breath and my right arm was sore from swinging my heavy briefcase violently back and forth.

One of the people who had heard me running asked, “What happened? As if you just saw a ghost, your skin is white and pale”

My response was, “Well, that’s what I did.” I then told him about the ad on my website, my encounter with the ghost, and my narrow escape. Finally, I said, “It’s odd that the phone booth I chose at random was the one that the ghost was haunting. As soon as I died, I’m sure the ghost had looked far into the future and figured out which phone booth I would use. It also knew that I was the type of person who would respond to online ads, so it targeted me. My webpage was updated with the ad and the phone number for that specific phone. Even though I thought I was picking a phone at random, it knew that I would go straight to that phone.”

“When you said the ghost had killed more than 300 people, did you mean it? It was a narrow escape for you!”

“It’s true that I’ve learned my lesson as well. My website is being hacked by these ads that appear on it. That was something I should have figured out by now. Not only did he want my identity and money, but he also wanted to take my life!”

“This phone isn’t used by everyone who sees an advertisement on the Internet. Some people have valid reasons for doing so. While walking down the street, they need to make a call and happen to come across a phone. In the process, the ghost kills them.”

If that’s the case, I’ll need to contact the telephone company.”

At home, I told the phone company about the haunted phone booth. They were very interested in hearing about it! Specifically, I gave them the phone number I had copied from the ad on my website, as well as the street name. There was no pay phone on that street, and the number I had given them had been out of service for at least a few months, they replied. We walked the entire street the next day. Despite our best efforts, we were unable to locate a phone booth on that street.

A phone booth was moved from one location to another, and a completely unused number was dialed. According to the ghost, he only wanted to catch people who responded to online scam ads. However, despite its inability to forgive society, it must have had enough compassion to spare the lives of innocent people.

This article was written by brandsandu