A miserable existence

A miserable existence by Team

He was semi-conscious at the time. Surreal sounds like knife shrieking, high-pitched cries, and blood flowing were resonating in his ears. Anil found himself in the middle of a dingy cell after battling to regain consciousness and opened his eyes.

It was separated into cells, each of which housed a mentally unstable inmate. They only wore one piece of clothes, underpants, and their bodies were covered in coal-black markings and red patches. They were covered in hairs that looked like a jumbled-up sparrow’s nest. A prisoner sat in a corner, depressed as if he had lost all hope in his life; one was pulling out his hairs, while another was pounding his skull against the wall, blood trickling from his forehead to the ground, yet he was unstoppable.

They appeared to be pleading for their freedom. They appeared to have been forcibly brought here, put in prison against their own will, and tormented horribly. Anil was taken aback when he saw him. It was the worst nightmare he’d ever had. He made the decision to proceed, and in doing so, he realized that this location is hell; an unavoidable horror.

When he strolled past the cells, he noticed a half-open doorway from which he could hear constant cries. Anil was crying and contemplating his life and the circumstances that had brought him to this point. He chose to push beyond the door because there appeared to be no other way out. He gathered his sentiments and chose to walk through the door. His hands were shaking, and he was crying uncontrollably.

When he entered the room, he saw a prisoner who looked just like him, cuffed from head — to — toe and lying on the floor.

A well-built man was standing next him, who was most likely the prison chief, and with him stood a few authorities who were also participants in this torturous game. They were removing his nails and inserting a sharp knife underneath his foot, as the chief screamed at him, “You are my captive, I have entrapped you.”

From head to foot, he was enslaved by chains. His body had thinned considerably, and the fatal red markings left by the chains had spread across the area surrounding the chains. Anil was about to make a hasty exit when one of the authorities noticed him and rushed towards him.

“Ah! We’ve got a new chicken in the house, ready to be roasted. You teensy chicken, what’s your name?” said the officer, who had a diabolical appeal about him.


“How long have you been here?”

“It’ll only take a few minutes.”

“So you must have seen this lovely spot. Do you enjoy how we handle our visitors? I’m confident you do.” The officer begins to chuckle when he says the very last word of the sentence, and other officers, including the chief, follow along. Anil’s brow begins to sweat. His eyes are like those of a goat about to be butchered, and he exudes a sense of despair.

“Excuse me, but I didn’t want to go to this spot. I’m not sure how I ended up here. Please release me. I have no idea what this site is about.”

“Don’t be concerned, chick. No one really comes here because they want to. “We pulled him here,” the officer muttered, his pupils dilated.

He stepped forward and beckoned for additional officers to arrive and apprehend Anil. They grabbed both of his hands and legs and began stripping him naked. After that, he was placed in a holding cell. It was far more cramped and nasty than the ones he had seen before. From top to bottom, they bound him. Anil heard loud footsteps and a horrible shrieking noise. The jail chief entered the room. He was holding a drill machine. Anil pictured himself being chopped up by the driller and started shouting as loudly as he could. The officer’s grip on him became increasingly tighter.

The screams kept going, and the chief activated the driller. He approached Anil, and he was on the brink of dismembering him. Anil was startled to hear a voice. He was oblivious to the fact that he had heard the voice before. It was his mom’s voice that spoke. ”Anil, could you please answer? Are you all right?”

Anil opened his eyes to find himself at what appeared to be a hospital. When he opened his eyes, he found his mom and dad, as well as a doctor, encircling him. He inspected his body for cuts but found none. He had no puncture wounds or scars from the driller on his entire body. He sat up in his bed, attempting to get out of it.

When he gazed into the eyes of his mom and dad’s, he saw despair.

The doctor exited the room and entered a different one. For the next few minutes, there was nothing but quietness. Anil’s parents were never interrogated about anything. A file was thrown on the bed by the doctor as he stepped in. It was opened by Anil. He recognized it as his own. What he read left him speechless.




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Brandsandu Is A Complete 360 ° Branding & Digital Marketing Company In Delhi Ncr Providing A Complete Solution From Branding To Social Media

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