Top Refractory companies of the world : giant players by team RRMSB

Here is a list of some of the world’s top refractory firms, all of which are true industry giants.

1. Saint-Gobain

Tour Les Miroirs, 18 Avenue d’Alsace

92 096 La Défense Cedex, France

CEO: Pierre-André de Chalendar

Saint-Gobain is a global designer, manufacturer, and distributor of high-performance and building…

Refractory Fibre Products : RRMSB

Ceramic fibers are small-diameter filaments or threads made of ceramic materials, most often alumina and silica, that are employed in lightweight units for electrical, thermal, and acoustic insulation.

To maximize the strength, abrasion resistance, and insulating qualities of your application, refractory compounds are frequently utilized in conjunction with monolithic forms…

Refractories world forum :RRMSB

INFORMED Industrial Mineral Forums & Research Ltd, a new source of professional networking opportunities and market research knowledge for the worldwide non-metallic minerals business, was launched little over a year ago in January 2015. Mike O’Driscoll and Ismene Clarke, formerly of Industrial Minerals magazine, have brought together in-depth experience, a…

Impact of covid 19 on refractory industries :RRMSB

COVID-19 has the ability to destabilize the global economy in three ways: by directly impacting production and demand, by disrupting supply chains and marketplaces, and by having a financial impact on businesses and financial markets. Our analysts, who are keeping an eye on happenings all over the world, believe that…

The Myth by Team Brandsandu

“So, you’re steering back home demoralized after a long period of time?” questioned the driver, glancing back at the exhausted female behind him. “Here we go, that would be 70.” He remarked this when he came to a halt in front of a house with a single blazing light bulb.

The dreadful façade by Team Brandsandu

When I opened my eyes, they couldn’t focus for a few moments. My eyesight improved, but intense pain in my temples caused me to strain even harder. I could feel the agony rush through my body as I gradually came to my consciousness. …

Mysterious Friend by team Brandsandu

Vaishali was eagerly awaiting the return of her daughter Nikita. Nikita recently began playing with an unfamiliar child beside the river. They live only a few yards from the river. She told her mother about the visitor, who turned out to be her new mysterious companion. Their house is in…

A miserable existence by Team Brandsandu

He was semi-conscious at the time. Surreal sounds like knife shrieking, high-pitched cries, and blood flowing were resonating in his ears. Anil found himself in the middle of a dingy cell after battling to regain consciousness and opened his eyes.

It was separated into cells, each of which housed a…

That Accident by Team Brandsandu

The incident took place on January 5th, 2011 (I am certain of the date because it was my birthday), when I was studying for my MBA and the sun had set. My older brother calls to tell me that my younger brother was in an accident and is in the…

Highway by Team Brandsandu

It was ten-thirty in the night time. In Arman’s vehicle, I was riding shotgun, with three other companions, two males and one lady, sitting behind me. We’d eaten dinner at a resort on the countryside and were driving back home on the highway.

There were no lamps on this dark…


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